This International GCSE Physics qualification is designed to engage students in physics. It brings the science to life for non-native English speakers, while teaching students to reason and work scientifically. Carefully balanced depth of content that includes topics which spark wonder and enthusiasm, such as space physics, enabling you to teach the underlying principles of physics in a fascinating topic. Practical components are flexible around local access to equipment and materials and include investigating factors that determine the strength of an electromagnet and the relationship between force and extension for a spring. Students are assessed fairly, with papers carefully designed to avoid cultural or linguistic bias and practical knowledge assessed through the main exam.


Dr. Ashraf Elgendy

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1 Dr. Ashraf Elgendy

Main Teacher

2 Eng. Badran
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340 EGP / Lesson

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Education System : IGCSE
Board : Oxford (AQA)
Course Level : Ordinary Level
Total Enrollments : 0
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